Saturday, May 26

Fashion Palette

  My Wild Love
  Jayson Brunsdon
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Fashion Palette! A gateway for emerging and established designers to showcase their collections to not only media and industry professionals but every day consumers, which means that the general public are able to buy tickets to this two day event filled with lots of fashion, photo booth and way too much free energy drink.
The stand out shows for both the two days for me were seen by Anaessia, My Wild Love, Jayson Brunsdon and Provcator.
Anaessia opened with graceful ballet dancers, where the ladies wore embellished organza and lace dresses over their leotards. Each dress was almost reminiscent of a Disney Princess gown, which didn't help the drool to run down my face. (I have a weird soft spot for anything Disney related...)
My next favourite, was My Wild Love who presented hippie and 70's inspired garments. Plenty of midriffs, high-waisted shorts and crazy bushy hair instantly made me feel like I was in Woodstock running around and not caring about society... Stereotypically, my idea of fun!
Jayson Brunsdon, was another favourite who graced the runway with bubble capes and a continuous use of white and champagne tones. I almost felt like I was placed in bridal heaven with my skin covered in luscious silks. Oh how the garments looked so silky smooth!
Last favourite was Provocator, who opposed the pretty trend and introduced their grungey look with a bit of 'mummy' inspiration. Not gonna lie, the toilet paper covered feet, such a unique idea! However, I did feel sorry for the models who had toilet paper falling off their feet and had to try to avoid stepping on it and falling over. (Probs wasn't toilet paper but some sort of material... Meh!) But I guess this is why they call them "supermodels" because they are able to always perform so super...?!
All in all, Fashion Palette was a success and a great eye opener to see (before Fashion Week) what a high-end fashion show is like. Definitely, was a good way to begin the week of craziness that is known as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week!


  1. AMAZING! we love the dresses and your blog!


  2. it all looks so pretty with all the neutral tones against the runway and those hanging blossoms! so nice!

  3. Wauw. Love the Anaessia collection,
    those dresses are so cute!