Monday, May 7


An Ode To No One


Firstly, OH HEY RUBY ROSE! Day 3 involved running from work to home to Fashion Week as quick as I could and of course chillin' with the stunning Ruby Rose and listening to her sing 'Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen. I pretty much had to resist myself from saying, "so Ruby, uhh call me maybe?" But soon realised getting all fan girl is probably not the most professional thing to do at Fashion Week...
My day began with a long day at work which is why I unfortunately only attended two shows that night. Kooey was my first show (I decided to put those photos last), which I managed to snag a seat in the front row and receive a funky pair of sunglasses by Le Specs in the goodie bag! WEEW FREEBIES! Kooey's new collection seemed to enter the runway with a mixture of intricate shapes and prints which resembled an earthy vibe. With their incredibly fit female and male models the audience were definitely keeping their eyes peeled on more than just the colourful creative prints!
An Ode To No One was the next show for the night, and the one show I was at the edge of my seat to watch. I've always been a fan of their structured cuts and unique digital prints. And unsurprisingly enough, I was not at all disappointed! I was sadly placed sitting in an awkward corner which is why my shots are mainly of the models leaving the runway, but I tried as hard as I could to capture the creative cut outs and effective use of shapes and lined structures to complement the female figure. I was also in love with the stretcher like clear solid earrings attached to the models' ears. So mod!!

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