Wednesday, April 24

Shakuhachi SS13/14

Thursday night of MBFWA, ended off with the incredible 'Cruise' collection by Shakuhachi. A burst of metallics, sequins, netting and florals, ultimately captured a futuristic clash underwater like theme. Instantly, I was in love with all the metallics, I mean that bomber jacket is just insane! If you follow me on Instagram @kateyess, you would've already seen a shot of this, and heard me rant about how much I want it! So so cool, and those silver socks and flatformed sandles and sneakers?! Ahmahgahhddd. Love so much! Definitely, can't wait for this collection to hit shop floors at the end of this year, in Spring/Summer! On top of all this exhilarating fashion explosion, I also managed to grab a few sneaky backstage shots! How gorj is Ruby Jean Wilson even when she's getting her make up done?!

Monday, April 22

MBFWA Outfit 2

Wearing: The Milk Thief overalls and denim jacket, Michael Kors watch, Acne boots, Sporstgirl t-shirt, Topshop socks

I'm never really sure why people don't believe me, when I say I'm turning 21 this year... I mean look at this outfit, all adult like and mature and what not... (heh, yeah I look 12!). So this outfit was Day 4 of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, which was spent running from uni, then to a show, then back to uni and then back to watch Shakuhachi by 7pm! What a crazy crazy day that was! But luckily enough, I was dressed purely in comfort, in possibly the coolest threads ever! I managed to snag this double denim outfit from my friend's Etsy store called The Milk Thief which you should all DEFINITELY check out! Everything is major cheap, with plenty of quirky vintage finds, and sometimes you may be fortunate enough to find items with The Simpsons patches all over them (that she would've sewn on herself! I mean, total sick bitch right?!). You can also follow her updates on facebook here!

Saturday, April 20

Manning Cartell SS13/14

Werk. Werk. Werk. With Izzy Azalea's song, 'Work' playing mid-show, I definitely began to feel the ethos of Manning Cartell's SS13/14, Fate & Chance collection. A mixed colour palette of black, white and cream, with a hint of lilac, blue and khaki, helped capture the sophistication and bold essence of the brand. I absolutely adored the collaboration of sheer fabrics, mixed with geometric shapes, along with the well fitting structures, of the oversized coats. Not to mention, the touch of lace and consistent tailoring that resembles the epitome of Manning Cartell.
Unfortunately, it was the first time I was using this specific camera, so the majority of my shots didn't turn out. However, every image above (besides the first two taken by me), was luckily found through 'Always Sometimes Anytime'. If you want to check out the whole show, you can watch it on YouTube HERE!

Wednesday, April 17

MBFWA Outfit 1

Wearing: Vintage leather jacket, Princess Polly top, Nobody jeans, Wittner shoes, Evil Twin necklace

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia! What a busy week that was for me, unfortunately, I had to miss Monday and Wednesday of Fashion Week, as it coincided with my miserable week of mid-semester assessments! So here is outfit, Day 2! My outfits this week were nothing too spesh, as each day was spent running back and fourth from uni, so I needed outfits that didn't attract too many weird stares at uni! The only show I managed to make it to, on this day was Manning Cartell so those shots will be up very soon!
Also, after taking these shots, I bumped into the lovely designers from Serpent and the Swan who complemented me on my necklace! Yay! Also congrats to them on their incredible debut at Fashion Week this year, the collection looked insane!

Wednesday, April 3


I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and have their bellies filled with chocolate! Just a quick update, if you have not yet been following me on Instagram, it would be awesome if you could follow me now @kateyess. Here is just a quick squiz of what I have been up to lately. My favourite shots are of my Emma Mulholland Iguana print shorts, the daisies in the first photo (which I took yesterday!) and the photo of the henna on my hands at the beach in Bali!
Hope everyone in Sydney right now is snuggled up in a blanket! I know I am!

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