Saturday, April 20

Manning Cartell SS13/14

Werk. Werk. Werk. With Izzy Azalea's song, 'Work' playing mid-show, I definitely began to feel the ethos of Manning Cartell's SS13/14, Fate & Chance collection. A mixed colour palette of black, white and cream, with a hint of lilac, blue and khaki, helped capture the sophistication and bold essence of the brand. I absolutely adored the collaboration of sheer fabrics, mixed with geometric shapes, along with the well fitting structures, of the oversized coats. Not to mention, the touch of lace and consistent tailoring that resembles the epitome of Manning Cartell.
Unfortunately, it was the first time I was using this specific camera, so the majority of my shots didn't turn out. However, every image above (besides the first two taken by me), was luckily found through 'Always Sometimes Anytime'. If you want to check out the whole show, you can watch it on YouTube HERE!


  1. Omogosh these look so beautiful. Next year I will definitely have to come to fashion week.

  2. I think you did a pretty good job taking photos! I really like this collection. it's not too weird. I think my favorite pieces are the coats. The cut is great and the patterns and colors are soft.

    Ally @