Friday, June 14

River Island Launch

I swear this is Solange Knowles! haha
And I think he is James Franco. Yum.

In the midst of all my stressful assessments and exams last week, I managed to make it to the River Island Launch! And when I say "managed", I mean I had been anticipating this showing as soon as I got the invite and would not ever let my uni work get in the way! This launch definitely met my expectations, with plenty of colours, patterns, accessories, several trends and every sort of fashion item you could ask for! I just love how this high street brand tailors to every person's needs!

And I'm not gonna to lie... But I was mainly excited to go to the showing, purely to see the Rihanna for River Island collection! I was very impressed with all the fabric choices and tailoring for pieces that are so affordable! I even met a lovely guy (forgot his name, sorry) from River Island, who gave me a bit of history about River Island and was also apart of Rihanna's design process. (OMG HE MET RiRi!!) He also told me that Rihanna is actively involved in each step of designing! Loves it! You go RiRi!

You can check out River Island HERE, shipping to Australia is now available! Also, if you wanted to see Rihanna being apart of the design process, there is a YouTube video HERE!