Saturday, December 1

Summer, Colour and BRAS!

So I am sure you may have noticed my lack of posts lately... I like to think I have taken a bit of a holiday and eased back lately, but truthfully I feel like I haven't even grabbed a proper breath of air. However, I seem to still manage to make it to special little events that I am fortunate enough to be invited to! One that happened on Thursday that definitely helped to de-stress was the launch dinner for the new Bras N Things Pop Colour Collection, which I am absolutely in love with! Nothing like relieving stress with previewing new sexy lingerie! Everything from the 'WINK' collection is so colourful and fun, I just can't wait to snag a few pieces for Summer which has officially started TODAY! YAY!
The best thing about these bras are that they are only $20! How affordable! I just wanted to say thank you so much to Bras N Things for having me, and thanks so much for this cute lace purple racerback set! I am in love and can't wait to get my hands on more of this collection!

Images by Bras N Things Australia and @kateyess Instagram.

Sunday, October 14

Ying Yang

Wearing: Minkpink tank, Princess Polly pants, Demonia creepers, vintage belt

So it's definitely been over two weeks since I have posted, but I must admit that I have been a bit busy lately and have struggled to put together some photos! Lately, what I have been doing these past few weeks begins with the launch of Topshop in Sydney! So beyond stoked about the turn out of the store, it definitely has that cool, London, Oxford St. vibe about it going on! Who else is impressed?
I have also been swamped with chores to do, as my parents are on holiday. YAY! cleaning :\
Anyway, hope you love my outfit! Kind of obsessed with my kitty cat ying yang top to the point where it has been outfit repeated too many times. Whoops!

Photos by Louise Dwyer

Wednesday, September 26

The Fresh Prince

Wearing: Minkpink top and skirt, Vintage denim jacket, Mimco handbag, Princess Polly belt, Demonia creepers, Topshop socks, Low Luv x Erin Wasson and Diva rings.

I feel the first words that should come out of my mouth right now are whickety-whack! Does anyone feel me?! Anyway... how awesome is this 90's get up by Minkpink! I am actually exclusively showing all you wonderful readers a sneak peek of what is to come this summer for Minkpink! So excited, because this print not only comes in this sick top and skirt, but is also available in shorts and denim jeans! So cool! I already know that I will have to stop myself from impulsively buying all of them! I seriously love this print so much, it makes me feel as if I've just stepped out of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. High five if you are also a 90's kid as well!

Photos by Louise Dwyer

Monday, September 17

Tea Time

Wearing: Minkpink skirt, White Euphoria blouse, Wittner shoes, Vintage belt, House of Harlow ring
Louise is wearing: Vintage denim jacket and dress, Doc Marten shoes

If you follow me on Instagram @kateyess, you would have known that I went to high tea the other day with Louise at The Audley Tea rooms in the Royal National Park. Such a peaceful area, I wish I had the time to go there more often. This was actually the first time me and Louise have had high tea and it was the most exciting and fun thing to do on that perfect sunny Spring day! Co-incidentally, I knew an old friend who was a waitress there and managed to make the experience even more welcoming! All in all a beautiful day, spent sipping tea and eating little treats with my beautiful friend Louise! (who also takes my photos). Doesn't she just look so cool in her vintage getup?

Photos by Louise Dwyer

Wednesday, September 12

Wild Mulberry's

 Wild Thing hiding under a bunch of Mulberry balloons!
Squatting to fit into the photo... Someone give me one of these balloons for my birthday!
Hehehe... Wild Thing pillow looking at me! (I wanted to keep it so much!)
Emma Lung on the back right, getting her nails done at the Mulberry nail bar!

Last Thursday, it was Vogue's Fashion Night out Internationally and the one party that I did manage to make it to in Sydney, was Mulberry's! The cue outside the door was insane and carried on around the corner, and down through the hallway. Fortunately, I managed to do a quick cut in, allowing me just the right amount of time to grab a few shots! Unfortunately, I missed out on the awesome goodie bags which came with cardboard gold crowns like Max's! If you know me, you will be aware that I am obsessed with Where The Wild Things Are, which has just made me fall in love with Mulberry's new collection. However, I am mainly obsessing over the 'Del Rey' bag at the moment. Merely, because it's been named after Lana Del Rey and she is gorj! I have even linked a YouTube video of the making of the bag on my Facebook page. So if you are interested, head on down to my Kat Eyes page and like it and check out the making of the Del Rey bag. It is insane how the leather has been hand constructed into a beautiful piece of art!

Saturday, September 8


Dem bikies...
Standing in the middle of an 80km/hr road...
Wearing: Minkpink skivvy and skirt, Demonia suede creepers, vintage belt

A few days ago, my friend Louise and I were driving around looking for a location to shoot for this 60's mod inspired outfit I threw together. It's amazing what you can do with stripes in order to resemble something Twiggy could have worn in her heyday! So as we were driving, we got to a point where we kind of realised we were just stuck on an endless road with nothing but bush and only road were around. And then it hit us (or we merely just gave up), to just take photos on the road! Kind of a crazy idea, seeing as at some point we jumped in the middle of a 80km/hr road to grab a few "good" shots.
Nevertheless, me and Louise are pretty happy with the photos. So to us that's all that matters! And a few of my friends think that I resemble Yoko Ono... So incomparable, but a beautiful comment!
Also, I finally put together a Kat Eyes Facebook page. So it would be amazing if you would like it!

Photos by Louise Dwyer

Saturday, September 1

Shopbop x Angry Birds

 Does this mean I'm not allowed in?
 The usual looking wine menu

On Wednesday, I got invited to a lovely private dinner co-oridnated by Torstar Communications to celebrate the new revamp of the Shopbop website! The night was set at The Fish Shop in Potts Point where we all sipped on some wine and had some amazing chips and fish burgers! I'm actually getting hungry just reminiscing on it. Then it was time for a little insight about what's new for Shopbop!
For all those online addicted shoppers like me, I'm sure you can relate when saying you have spent countless hours scrolling through the numerous pages and simply wanting everything! The perfect thing about Shopbop, is that there is a place for every shopper and every girl who loves fashion is able to find something they want and need. For all those customers out there who are generally scared to shop online for issues of the fit of clothing, there is now a new re-design feature to help solve this problem! This feature involves a video for all apparel items, where you are able to see a model presenting the clothes virtually to you. The idea is to "allow the customers to "virtually" touch and feel the merchandise." How helpful! Along with this, there is a new re-design for the mobile and iPad friendly sites, allowing viewing to become a lot easier with minimal aesthetic and 60% larger product images.  
And now for the pièce de résistance! THERE IS A SHOPBOP GAME! Unbelievably exciting, and said to launch on September 5. And when I use the word "launch" I mean it literally, the game is pretty much a sum up of Angry Birds but instead of birds you are "launching" fashion designers. How chic? Designers that will be seen in the game include Rachel Zoe, Thakoon, Chris Benz, Rachel Roy and Stacey Bendet. From someone who has personally played the game, I highly recommend giving it a go as the more you launch the designers into the shopping bags (not blocks), the more discounts and promos you can win! And I hear the discounts can go up to 20% off! How generous!
Anywho, I will hopefully be putting the game up on my blog as soon as it comes out, otherwise you can find it on Shopbop's Facebook and Website!
For now, here is a video that allows you to take a virtual tour of the revamped Shopbop website. Happy shopping! 

Monday, August 27

W.E by Whitney Eve

Britt and Ellese at Paper Daisy Fashion
Wearing: Zara blouse, H&M pants, Topshop heels, YSL ring, Diva watch, Vintage Moschino bag, Vintage belt

Last week, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival kicked off with the latest trends for Summer 12/13. Unfortunately, my week has been so jam packed with work and interning that I was only able to make it to one show. Luckily enough, it was to the only show that I really didn't want to miss and that was W.E. by Whitney Eve. Former The Hills star, Whitney Port has recently launched in Australia, her younger more affordable line 'W.E. by Whitney Eve' at Sportsgirl, along with her main label 'Whitney Eve'. It was such a pleasure to see her collection filled with playful summer floral prints mixed with structured suits which completely ties towards her style. Something I especially love about Whitney, as you can tell she stayed true to her unique fashion sense.
Anywho... That night I bumped into my lovely friends Britt and Ellese at Paper Daisy Fashion, who I used to intern with at Shop! Til You Drop. Was so lovely to see them!
On another note, please excuse my photos for being blurry! I was seated in the fourth row with lots of heads in front of me! So it was a bit of a struggle to get any photo at all. Lastly, in the bottom photo with my outfit, the colour has gone a bit funky as it was night time and the lighting was a bit terrible everywhere, but you can sort of get an idea ;)