Saturday, May 26

Fashion Palette

  My Wild Love
  Jayson Brunsdon
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Fashion Palette! A gateway for emerging and established designers to showcase their collections to not only media and industry professionals but every day consumers, which means that the general public are able to buy tickets to this two day event filled with lots of fashion, photo booth and way too much free energy drink.
The stand out shows for both the two days for me were seen by Anaessia, My Wild Love, Jayson Brunsdon and Provcator.
Anaessia opened with graceful ballet dancers, where the ladies wore embellished organza and lace dresses over their leotards. Each dress was almost reminiscent of a Disney Princess gown, which didn't help the drool to run down my face. (I have a weird soft spot for anything Disney related...)
My next favourite, was My Wild Love who presented hippie and 70's inspired garments. Plenty of midriffs, high-waisted shorts and crazy bushy hair instantly made me feel like I was in Woodstock running around and not caring about society... Stereotypically, my idea of fun!
Jayson Brunsdon, was another favourite who graced the runway with bubble capes and a continuous use of white and champagne tones. I almost felt like I was placed in bridal heaven with my skin covered in luscious silks. Oh how the garments looked so silky smooth!
Last favourite was Provocator, who opposed the pretty trend and introduced their grungey look with a bit of 'mummy' inspiration. Not gonna lie, the toilet paper covered feet, such a unique idea! However, I did feel sorry for the models who had toilet paper falling off their feet and had to try to avoid stepping on it and falling over. (Probs wasn't toilet paper but some sort of material... Meh!) But I guess this is why they call them "supermodels" because they are able to always perform so super...?!
All in all, Fashion Palette was a success and a great eye opener to see (before Fashion Week) what a high-end fashion show is like. Definitely, was a good way to begin the week of craziness that is known as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week!

Monday, May 21

MBFWA Outfits

Day 1
Miss Unkon blouse and skirt, Wittner shoes, Sportsgirl pea coat, Wildfox ring
Day 2
Style Stalker blazer from Princess Polly, Miss Unkon blouse, Lazerade shorts from Urban Outfitters, Zara camera bag, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, YSL and Sportsgirl rings 
Day 3
Princess Polly vest, Zara blouse, My Pet Square skirt, YSL ring, Sportsgirl watch
Day 4
Vintage blazer, Urban Outfitters blouse, Sportsgirl pants, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, Sportsgirl watch, YSL ring
Day 5
Zara cape, Princess Polly top, Vintage leather skirt, Zara bag, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, Sportsgirl ring, necklace made by my sister!

Once again sorry for the delay, I don't think I can even use the "I've been so busy" excuse anymore as I sit here procrastinating from assignments right now typing away at this post and shoving Doritos down my throat...
Anywho! Day one was the day of the Miss Unkon show, so I thought I would show my support and rock a lace and scallop outfit by Miss Unkon, teamed with my Sportsgirl pea coat which I picked up at Vinnies! I also wore these opened toed t-bar shoes by Wittner, which look oh so beautiful but really it resulted in blistered feet and ripped bleeding skin... Note to self, only wear socks or stockings with these shoes! Also that third photo consists of me and the gorgeous Brooke Lazarus from The Topknotter with Jay Lyons from The City! Yes, yes I do watch that show religiously, sometimes always wishing to be Whitney Port!
Day two was shot by Patrick who was lovely enough to meet me early during Fashion Week and snap some photos before we ran off to our Fashion Magazines class at college. I am in love with this printed Stylestalker blazer which I got from Princess Polly, I don't even know what you would call that print but it sure photographs well! Also, I have been previously told that this bag doesn't go with my outfit. But really, don't hate because it's my camera bag! And it's leather! Therefore, it is perfection!
Day three, shot at home by my mumma after a long day of work and Fashion shows. Featuring my exhausted eyes, just screaming for sleep!
Day four was shot by Joseph (who also shot day one and five). My jacket was my favourite part of this outfit which was mysteriously found in the closet of the spare bedroom in my house. Apparently, it was previously owned by my Auntie 'back in the day'. I love how the style and shape of the jacket is still so unique and trendy to this day.
Finally day five, where I wore this magnificent silk cape found in my sister's wardrobe bought from Zara in Italy. How beautiful are the butterflies!? I also adore my new mint silk top from Princess Polly and the funky beaded necklace my sister made by herself. Oh and also you may have noticed that for the rest of the week I wore my Lita's by Jeffrey Campbell. This was mainly due to the excessive amount of walking I did during Fashion Week and the amount of pure hate my feet had for me. So I thought I'd attempt at going for something slightly more comfortable, as a result my body still hates me and has left me with bruises after falling over twice in the one day due to being so fatigued!
For now, bye Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, see you next year! (hopefully)... 

Tuesday, May 15


 Raffles International Design Showcase - Winson Tan
 Raffles International Design Showcase - Gabriel Lee
Ollie Henderson modelling for Akira Isogawa
Kaila Hart modelling for Akira Isogawa
Akira Isogawa
 Bless'ed Are The Meek
nANA jUDY and Amy Meredith
DAY 5! I have finally pulled myself together and am writing my last MBFWA photo diary post! I know it has taken me over a week to write this up, but I feel like I have been stuck feeling nostalgic of that blissful, unrealistic week and struggling to let it all go. It almost feels like I was asleep where my mind was set in fantasy mode for the whole week. I still cannot grab a hold of the fact that I actually had the opportunity to attend Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week! Aside from that, Day 5 was the longest and most full-on day which resulted in me being too lazy to scroll through the 900 photos and choose the best. But here they are!
My morning began with Winson Tan who opened the Raffles International Design Showcase with his rainforest inspired prints. I could barely control myself as I gasped over the incredible lightning bolt chiselled heels and extravagant head pieces that covered the model's faces. Gabriel Lee was the other distinct designer, during the Raffles Showcase who brought clean cut tailored men style garments cleverly transforming them to look very feminine and summer chic. 
Next was the overly inspiring Akira Isogawa who believes "a garment can transcend, giving it a soul", which always whispers through my head as I see his garments. And yet again in his S/S 2012/13 collection, his bold colourful florals and romantic white silks were brought to life. If you haven't yet noticed throughout this week, there has been a big consistency of me snapping away photos of both Ollie Henderson and Kaila Hart, so I decided to recognise them this time as they always looks so flawless and have especially presented the garments perfectly for Akira Isogawa at The Box. 
Bless'ed Are The Meek were the next show for the afternoon who opened with an incredible misty lightshow which resembled the cloud and the reflection of the sea. The theme seemed to be inspired by sea creatures with flowy dresses, creative cut-outs, shell appliqu├ęs and underwater prints.
The last show for the week was nANA jUDY who had Amy Meredith play alongside! I had been anticipating a great show for the past two weeks before MBFWA, when I had first received my invitation to the show. I could not have thought of a better way to end my week than to see one of my favourite Australian bands play next to a bunch of good looking models in classic trendy day wear. This was probably my favourite show of the week just due to the upbeat vibe and relaxed environment. Or maybe I'm just being extremely bias because I love Amy Meredith... Either way, I thought it was a fun show and completed my week on a delightful note!
Finally, I HAVE A PHOTO WITH RUMI NEELY. So I met Rumi from Fashion Toast on the last day, as I finally (after 4 days of fan girl-ism) bucked up the courage to say hi. Isn't she perfect? I look so derp next to her with my over-excited smile. Unfortunately, I never got the courage to speak to Susie Lau from Style Bubble but I'm still happy to say I was about 2 metres from her. WEEW!
MBFWA you were perfect! Belated outfit posts coming soon!

Tuesday, May 8


Jenny Kee
 The Innovators- Carlie Waterman
The Innovators - Cynthia Thai
Roopa Pemmaraju
Some awesome dude in a feather hat!

Day 4! My day began so bright and colourful as I drooled over Jenny Kee's artistic work. Known for her use of global influences, this was definitely not hard to depict seeing asian/african inspired pieces. I adored Jenny's use of unique prints, bright colours and silks and wools and of course the POM POMS!!
Next up, was The Innovators show which revealed the best design students from Tafe. High expectations were made for this show, and I was so gladly not disappointed! Carlie Waterman definitely stole the show for me, bringing the runway with neon themed digital prints. Digital prints are definitely the way to my heart and placing them on modernised suits and fitted women's clothing was definitely enough to leave my heart melting to my stomach, at the thought of not owning any of her designs. Cynthia Thai, also kept the neon theme going with neon flower detailing sewn on most garments. What I mostly loved, was that the flowers were placed so strategically well with nothing creating a floral overload!
Last show of the night was Roopa Pemmaraju who used prints inspired by Aboriginal art. The main garments that caught my eye were the flowing gowns with earthy prints. My favourite of all was the last white maxi dress with colourful triangle prints at the bottom of the dress. The way it flowed on the runway seemed almost angelic!