Sunday, August 11

30 Years of Tokyo Disneyland

Wearing: Emma Mulholland shorts, The Milk Thief denim jacket

During the holidays, I spent three weeks escaping to Japan and Hong Kong with my mum. We mainly spent our time in Hong Kong to see family, but managed to get away for a week and visit Japan, which I have eagerly anticipated for so long now! My first day in Japan was spent at "the happiest place on earth", Disneyland in Tokyo! Everything was perfect besides the wind and rain that decided to become bipolar every few hours... From heavy rain to gale like winds, nothing broke my eight-year-old excited self from going on every ride possible! Looking back, I actually think my favourite part of all was seeing the light parade at night. How cute is Boo chillin' on Sully's back?! AW.
Stay tuned for updates on the rest of my holiday, I promise I will try to keep this blogging thing consistent... for now anyways.