Tuesday, July 31


Wearing: Miss Unkon jumper, Princess Polly shirt, Fairground shorts via Princess Polly, Zoemou necklace, Jeffrey Campbell shoes

If you aren't currently aware, Miss Unkon recently released their Transeasonal 2012 collection which we just received instore at Princess Polly Sydney about a week ago. As soon as I first opened the shop to these beautiful berry knits in the cupboard, my heart just melted. I couldn't wait to just try one one. I absolutely love this 'Shield A Heart' jumper as it is the perfect fit and so tight and preppy but still has an Aztec feel with the triangle front which has been knitted in a different direction. 
I felt this jumper works perfectly with collared shirts so I popped this Western shirt with collar tips to match my Aztec style Eye necklace (which also has a triangle to match my knit!) Seeing as I'm not always a simple dresser, I decided to also chuck on a bit of colour with my Fairground lion scarf print shorts which I am so in love with!! There's actually lions printed on them! AW MAH GAWSH!
Not going to lie, I'm pretty happy with how this outfit turned out, however, I only realised just now as I analyse the photos that my stockings are a darker shade of black than my shoes. Such a fail, I kinda look heaps dorky... Oh well, maybe next time I'll actually look in the mirror before I leave the house...

Photos by Joseph Dang

Monday, July 23

The Big Fashion Sale

Photo 1 & 2: Karla Spetic skirt, Photo 3: Friend of Mine shorts

The Big Fashion Sale, if you're not already currently aware is possibly one of my favourite designer sales I have been to yet and one I encourage anybody who loves a heavily discounted designer piece. It is a sale which has been organised by Australian designers who work together to sell International and local brands. Last weekend, they had another sale located on Oxford St which I purposely took off work to attend. Unfortunately, this time around I didn't find as much as I did on my last trip which is actually a good thing! Hopefully, my bank account doesn't hate me too much now. Seeing as last time I possibly spent close to $300 on items I don't need, but love by Karla Spetic, We Are Handsome and My Pet Square. 
This sale on the weekend though was possibly the most rewarding for me as I snagged this Karla Spetic 1/2 silk, 1/2 leather digital print skirt for only $99! If you look closely at the tag, it has been discounted from $484. And from the words of Rachel Zoe "I die." Which I almost did when I saw how affordable it was. I have honestly been eyeing this skirt for so long and have not been able to fork out the cash yet, sadly it is a size 8 so it is quite loose on me but I will make sure I have a food baby before popping this little number on!
I also scored these ripped up lilac denim shorts from Friend of Mine for $50 from $120 which I was totally stoked about because I love the colour! However, my shopping habbits are a bit ridiculous as I probably don't need another pair of denim shorts. If you currently follow me on Instagram @kateyess you will have notice the excessive amount i already have (and this is after preivously chucking pairs out...)

If you want to keep updated with the next sale, check out their Facebook page here.

Wednesday, July 11

Cheap and Chic

Wearing: Sportsgirl blazer, Vintage dress, Diva watch, YSL ring, Zoemou necklace, Jeffrey Campbell shoes

If you haven't noticed everywhere lately, the trend is to have a boyfriend style watch (preferably rose gold) and if you could afford it, a Michael Kors rose gold watch would be the one you were to buy. For those like me who have a bank account that despises them, I have officially found you the best knock-off at such an affordable price. This watch I am currently wearing was only $29.95 from Diva and I have received more comments than any other item I have ever owned (lol joke, I consistently get comments on my YSL ring... but that's no surprise there!) Honestly though, the amount of people who are fooled by the fact that it is not a Michael Kors watch is possibly the best compliment and feeling to ever receive!
Off topic, these are the last lot of shots by Blake before he left for Europe so hopefully I can bribe one of my friends to take some photos of me in the meantime! Fingers crossed!
Lastly, I am in love with this vintage floral print dress which I scored for $5 at the Kirribilli markets awhile back. However, it is incredibly short but seems to always be my go-to dress when I cannot think of anything to wear! As much as I feel ridiculously self conscious bending down in it, I cannot get over the big florals!

Photos by Blake Jones

Tuesday, July 3

Pin up girl

Above: Acne leather jacket and Pistol boots, Mother denim jeans, Karen Walker sunnies and skull ring,  Michael Kors watch

As of late, I have been using up my procrastination time on Pinterest and exploring the never ending scrolls of pure eyegasm. From the constant flow of all things fashion to the tantalising displays of mouthwatering food to where my wanderlust grows as I discover more unique places to want to travel to. Pinterest has been keeping well entertained as well as more envious of Blake who is travelling right now in Europe for the next six weeks. Effectively, this will be the result of my lack of outfit posts for the coming weeks...
But lucky enough, I will been trying my best to procrastinate and steer clear from the piles of undone/overdue assignments and keep all you guys update on my Pinterest board! If you haven't yet gotten a Pinterest account, then I highly recommend you have a quick browse and see if it suits you! It is pretty much like a live cork board where you can pin any photo you see online. So handy as it always reminds me of the things I want to buy or wish to buy! Which you can see in my album labelled 'wishlist'.
What I also love about Pinterest, is the ability to make quick storyboards and outfit layouts which are just oh so pretty!
Above is the outfit I wish to own, but could probably never afford! However, I did purchase my first pair of Acne Pistol Boots the other day (which is seen in my above Instagram photo) via Net-A-Porter which has officially made me the happiest and luckiest girl in the world. I am so content, as it has been on my 'must have' list for years!
Ps. The top storyboard is some cute underwater theme I had going on, little did I realise I chose to put the Mother Jeans in both my layouts. Fail. But that is just how much I love them!
If you do decide to get Pinterest, you can find me @kateyess (which is also my Instagram name!)
Except, Twitter is @kateyesstyle ... hehe. Also follow me on blogger if you aren't currently doing that and I shall follow you back. Love discovering new kids on the blogs! (see what I did there).