Thursday, February 23

Cooped up

Wearing: Coop dress, Wittner heels.
Just recently it was my birthday and what better way to celebrate it, than to be in an LBD! In this case, it was a bit more glamourous than a simple 'little black dress' but rather decked out in SEQUINS! Sequins are truly a girl's best friend when done well! And I personally believe that I have not seen a sequin dress done so flawlessly! In most cases, sequin dresses can be either incredibly breath taking or incredibly tacky! And you definitely don't want to get those mixed up. However, this little number by Trelise Cooper's younger line 'Coop' has everything balanced impeccably. The sequins are small and matte and my favourite part of all, is the dream catcher imprinted on the dress!! 
If you know me well, you know that I have a big fascination towards dream catchers and currently have four different styled dream catchers displayed in my room. For the only reason why I bought the dress immediately without too much contemplation, was because of the unique design and solely my love for sequins, shift dresses and of course dream catchers!
My night was perfect, celebrating it with the people I love and in the simple and relaxed area of Newtown! The above film SLR photos taken by dear friend Louise, show off the dress perfectly! However, minor details were a bit difficult to see so I thought I would quickly get my boyfriend Blake to capture the front of the dress with a digital camera just so you could see all the detail and the reason as to why it is my favourite item in my wardrobe at the moment!
Also, lots of love to my friends Gab, Danie and Blake who were pictured above and who I have not yet asked permission for to have their faces on my blog... :p
Lastly, a big thank you to Louise for bringing her SLR camera on my birthday and making every moment just more memorable!

Monday, February 20


If you have been paying attention to New York Fashion Week this year, you may have seen (what I personally think stood out most), Jeremy Scott's Fall 2012 collection. Nostalgia was the motif featured in this collection, where my memory brought me back to those times I would wait at 6pm for Channel 10 to run The Simpsons every weekday in the nineties. Now I would consider myself lucky to even catch any new episodes of The Simpsons, whereas I can recall my 8 year old self reciting every episode back to front as it was on all the time! But enough of that!
I have always been a fan of Jeremy Scott's unique designs, so I just had to blog about this collection as my mouth dropped as soon as I saw a unicorn, a dress made of hair? and a peace sign! What are all completely random objects and ideas, Scott has unsurprisingly put so well together. My favourite concept is where 70's styles meets 90's prints, which both era's have collaborated so fittingly. At first sight I knew I adored this collection however, after consulting a close friend who said he disliked it, I thought to myself "was I mad for wanting Bart Simpson printed hot pants?". But reassuringly, I realised that Scott's quirky designs are all an acquired taste which many of you may not agree with me on, but seriously why wouldn't you want a Bartman sweater!?
Also, how cute is Jeremy Scott in his tartan pants with a bindi on his forehead!

Monday, February 13

Wilde Thing

Wearing: House of Wilde cape, Miss Unkon top, Topshop shorts, Zu shoes, Dream Catcher necklace from Bali

It has only been recent that we have managed to catch a glimpse of summer, and on Sunday (for only a few hours in the late morning) I ultimately remembered how tiring and scorching a little bit of sunlight could be. Unfortunately, it was soon ruined by the approaching clouds and consistent rainy weather, making it more difficult to work out the appropriate attire to suit the tropical weather! Luckily enough, I whipped out this simple yet sparkly outfit which glimmered in the radiant sunlight. This cape which I absolutely adore from House of Wilde by Alice McCall, is one of my favourite items and seems to make every outfit just that bit more perfect. What I especially love about this cape from the 'Love Letters on the Rocks collection', is the detail of the sequins which are placed to create a harlequin theme however, is toned down through the simple cape style cut. As well as working perfectly with every outfit, the way this cape shimmers in the sunlight and isn't too thick for those sweltering days is possibly what I love most about this cape!

Photos by Blake Jones

Sunday, February 5

Rusty gold doorknob

Wearing in Photo 1,2,3: Topshop tee, Princess Polly skirt, Wittner heels. Photo 4,5: Chicabooti bustier, Princess Polly skirt, Nondescript brand cape, YSL ring.

A few days ago before the unpredictable rain filled days in Sydney, it was a very unpleasant hot and humid day and what other way to spend the afternoon but to take some photos! My dear friend Angie, recently approached me and asked to take a few photos and here is the result. I wouldn't say the clothes are my usual style as a few items were borrowed. However, I do feel they worked perfectly with the shoot and that I am now a big fan of Mulberry coloured lipstick! I now have a new big obsession towards dark coloured lipsticks, so thank you to Angie who suggested me to wear it! 
Visit Angie's blog here at Rusty gold doorknob, as well as her Flickr!