Monday, February 20


If you have been paying attention to New York Fashion Week this year, you may have seen (what I personally think stood out most), Jeremy Scott's Fall 2012 collection. Nostalgia was the motif featured in this collection, where my memory brought me back to those times I would wait at 6pm for Channel 10 to run The Simpsons every weekday in the nineties. Now I would consider myself lucky to even catch any new episodes of The Simpsons, whereas I can recall my 8 year old self reciting every episode back to front as it was on all the time! But enough of that!
I have always been a fan of Jeremy Scott's unique designs, so I just had to blog about this collection as my mouth dropped as soon as I saw a unicorn, a dress made of hair? and a peace sign! What are all completely random objects and ideas, Scott has unsurprisingly put so well together. My favourite concept is where 70's styles meets 90's prints, which both era's have collaborated so fittingly. At first sight I knew I adored this collection however, after consulting a close friend who said he disliked it, I thought to myself "was I mad for wanting Bart Simpson printed hot pants?". But reassuringly, I realised that Scott's quirky designs are all an acquired taste which many of you may not agree with me on, but seriously why wouldn't you want a Bartman sweater!?
Also, how cute is Jeremy Scott in his tartan pants with a bindi on his forehead!


  1. ahahahaha lol! Its nice to know my opinion got a mention :P

  2. funny thing is i would actually wear alot of this.....hahaha oh shit.