Sunday, February 5

Rusty gold doorknob

Wearing in Photo 1,2,3: Topshop tee, Princess Polly skirt, Wittner heels. Photo 4,5: Chicabooti bustier, Princess Polly skirt, Nondescript brand cape, YSL ring.

A few days ago before the unpredictable rain filled days in Sydney, it was a very unpleasant hot and humid day and what other way to spend the afternoon but to take some photos! My dear friend Angie, recently approached me and asked to take a few photos and here is the result. I wouldn't say the clothes are my usual style as a few items were borrowed. However, I do feel they worked perfectly with the shoot and that I am now a big fan of Mulberry coloured lipstick! I now have a new big obsession towards dark coloured lipsticks, so thank you to Angie who suggested me to wear it! 
Visit Angie's blog here at Rusty gold doorknob, as well as her Flickr!


  1. Lovely photos, I like the colour of the lipstick! :) It looks amazing.

  2. THAT NONDESCRIPT CAPE IS TO DIE FOR. Well if fashion was our whole lives (it's not). But yes, some lovely portraits of you here in lovely lighting!