Thursday, February 23

Cooped up

Wearing: Coop dress, Wittner heels.
Just recently it was my birthday and what better way to celebrate it, than to be in an LBD! In this case, it was a bit more glamourous than a simple 'little black dress' but rather decked out in SEQUINS! Sequins are truly a girl's best friend when done well! And I personally believe that I have not seen a sequin dress done so flawlessly! In most cases, sequin dresses can be either incredibly breath taking or incredibly tacky! And you definitely don't want to get those mixed up. However, this little number by Trelise Cooper's younger line 'Coop' has everything balanced impeccably. The sequins are small and matte and my favourite part of all, is the dream catcher imprinted on the dress!! 
If you know me well, you know that I have a big fascination towards dream catchers and currently have four different styled dream catchers displayed in my room. For the only reason why I bought the dress immediately without too much contemplation, was because of the unique design and solely my love for sequins, shift dresses and of course dream catchers!
My night was perfect, celebrating it with the people I love and in the simple and relaxed area of Newtown! The above film SLR photos taken by dear friend Louise, show off the dress perfectly! However, minor details were a bit difficult to see so I thought I would quickly get my boyfriend Blake to capture the front of the dress with a digital camera just so you could see all the detail and the reason as to why it is my favourite item in my wardrobe at the moment!
Also, lots of love to my friends Gab, Danie and Blake who were pictured above and who I have not yet asked permission for to have their faces on my blog... :p
Lastly, a big thank you to Louise for bringing her SLR camera on my birthday and making every moment just more memorable!


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