Monday, August 27

W.E by Whitney Eve

Britt and Ellese at Paper Daisy Fashion
Wearing: Zara blouse, H&M pants, Topshop heels, YSL ring, Diva watch, Vintage Moschino bag, Vintage belt

Last week, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival kicked off with the latest trends for Summer 12/13. Unfortunately, my week has been so jam packed with work and interning that I was only able to make it to one show. Luckily enough, it was to the only show that I really didn't want to miss and that was W.E. by Whitney Eve. Former The Hills star, Whitney Port has recently launched in Australia, her younger more affordable line 'W.E. by Whitney Eve' at Sportsgirl, along with her main label 'Whitney Eve'. It was such a pleasure to see her collection filled with playful summer floral prints mixed with structured suits which completely ties towards her style. Something I especially love about Whitney, as you can tell she stayed true to her unique fashion sense.
Anywho... That night I bumped into my lovely friends Britt and Ellese at Paper Daisy Fashion, who I used to intern with at Shop! Til You Drop. Was so lovely to see them!
On another note, please excuse my photos for being blurry! I was seated in the fourth row with lots of heads in front of me! So it was a bit of a struggle to get any photo at all. Lastly, in the bottom photo with my outfit, the colour has gone a bit funky as it was night time and the lighting was a bit terrible everywhere, but you can sort of get an idea ;)

Tuesday, August 21

The Corner Shop Party

My hand + my YSL ring via The Corner Shop
Jeremy Scott plastic hand glasses

Last Wednesday, after the David Jones Fashion Parade, The Strand Arcade held an event called 'An Evening With Our Designers'. That night I spotted designers such as Gary Bigeni, Karla Spetic, Susien and Nic from Lover and Anna and Luke from Romance Was Born who were all seen floating about within the Strand. Along with the designers, every sort of fashion media such as magazine editors and bloggers were all seen socialising and blending in with the crowd. As well as media, models were plenty with every direction you looked, a tall, slim, perfect girl would just casually walk by dressed in a designer gown. The ones who were in Alex Perry, were definitely not the ones who could remotely blend into the crowd...
As packed as the Strand was, the main party was at The Corner Shop who had their own separate guest listed party. Thankfully enough, my friends Patrick, Joseph and I somehow managed to score a place on that list. My night was spent sippin' on Lombarde and scoffing down rice paper rolls as you can see in the picture above with my YSL ring. I also managed to pop on Jeremy Scott x Linda Farrow's plastic hands sunglasses, which I have always found so fascinating! These glasses are seriously so cool, but unfortunately they take up half my face and make it even more of a struggle to see (as if I'm not already blind enough). However, Karla Spetic looks SO cool in them! Why must I look so dorky?

Sunday, August 12

Under The Sea

Vintage leather jacket, Princess Polly dress, Lovisa necklace, Rayban Wayfarers

For Mary Katrantzou's Spring/Summer 2012 collection, there was a mixture of colours and prints resembling garden floral landscapes, which were developed to fit into deep underwater aquarium like prints. As soon as I first saw this collection grace the catwalks, I imagined what I thought the Great Barrier Reef would look like as a print on a designer dress and questioned why it hadn't been thought of earlier! But of course, of all people the ingenious Mary Katrantzou introduced it and smashed within the first attempt. Above is a picture of the ever-so-stylish Anna Dello Russo, wearing one of her dresses. 
Ever since this collection, I have been in love with Mary and following her every chaotic move. So you can understand, that when I saw this aquatic print dress at Princess Polly there was no way I wasn't going to buy it. Usually, I am not a fan of cheap knock-offs but I couldn't help myself becoming hypnotised with this placement print, and at only $75!
On another note, lately I have been noticing the new Rayban 'Never Hide' campaigns which are celebrating 75 years of Raybans! How sick, it actually made me realised that I never wear my Wayfarers anymore... (Maybe because they're not prescripted and I'm blind without glasses)
Anywho, I whipped up this outfit today. Seeing as the weather in Sydney is getting slightly sunnier but still SO windy, I felt it was perfect to go from day to night for a cocktail yet still edgy look. Let me know what you think, comments are always welcome! 

Images via Jou Jou Villeroy and Popflys