Tuesday, September 9


Susie Lau from Style Bubble
Anna Wintour!
Kendall Jenner
Simone Rocha AW14
Ryan Lo AW14
Outfit Day 2
Olivia Palermo
Bradley Cooper
Susie Lau
Mira Duma

(Insert crying face emoji here...  times 10!) Today I noticed that it has roughly been about 3 months since I left the land of the Poms. Yep, that means 3 months since I left my favourite city and still I cannot seem to let go of those memories. Lately, it has been so difficult to realise that I'm back in Sydney, back to reality and back at Uni! Goddam, who else is over it and we're only just reaching half way through the semester! Everyday whilst I'm studying or not, I seem to catch myself procrastinating, scrolling through my Camera Roll and feeling nostalgic of all the incredible memories I have made with my friends, whilst being oversees. Each time I do this, I've been telling myself I need to blog, I need to blog, I need to blog, I NEED TO BLOG! So, today is the day! And here is my first post on living in London and my experiences of Study Abroad. Talk about the BEST SIX MONTHS OF MY LIFE. Srsly.

Right now every one is talking about NYFW and well as much as I wish I was there, snapping away. I'm not. So you're just going to have to deal with these old photos I took in February, Ha! Kk, so I know these photos are soooo out of date and probably v. irrelevant. In my personal opinion, I say it is never to late for an outdated photo of two of the most perf boys alive: Harry Styles and Bradley Cooper. Yep. Look at dem in dose Burberry trenches. Never irrelevant! #amiright?

Unfortunately, due to Uni being a poo. I only managed to make it to 2 of the days, but woah were those days insane! I saw Anna Wintour (obvi was too petrified to say hi), Kendall Jenner, Harry Styles, Bradley Cooper, Olivia Palermo, Susie Lau, Mira Duma, Cara Delevingne and so many more! Such an overwhelming experience, seeing as the only partially famous person I've ever seen at MBFWA is uhhh.... hmmm? Yeah, I guess that answers it seeing as I can't even think of anyone! 

Basically. I love London. Stay posted, if you want to hear more of my Europe adventures. x

Friday, September 27

Jurlique Serum Exchange!

Sydney Siders, who wants a FREE Jurlique serum?! Well next week from Thursday 3rd - Sunday 6th of October from midday, you can head into the Jurlique Westfield Sydney store on Pitt St and swap your old serum (an empty or used bottle) from any brand (doesn't have to be Jurlique) for a full 30ml bottle! How sick is that? and it is totally free! A whole bottle of their natural, artificial free, serum-y goodness!
And if you are one who has never tried a serum, then head in this coming Monday, where the oh so helpful staff are giving skin consultations and FREE SAMPLES. Who doesn't love a good free sample #amiright?

P.s. I have mid-sem break right now, therefore I am going to shove in as many posts as I can before Uni gets cray cray again :(

Sunday, August 11

30 Years of Tokyo Disneyland

Wearing: Emma Mulholland shorts, The Milk Thief denim jacket

During the holidays, I spent three weeks escaping to Japan and Hong Kong with my mum. We mainly spent our time in Hong Kong to see family, but managed to get away for a week and visit Japan, which I have eagerly anticipated for so long now! My first day in Japan was spent at "the happiest place on earth", Disneyland in Tokyo! Everything was perfect besides the wind and rain that decided to become bipolar every few hours... From heavy rain to gale like winds, nothing broke my eight-year-old excited self from going on every ride possible! Looking back, I actually think my favourite part of all was seeing the light parade at night. How cute is Boo chillin' on Sully's back?! AW.
Stay tuned for updates on the rest of my holiday, I promise I will try to keep this blogging thing consistent... for now anyways.