Monday, March 5


 Wearing: Zara cardigan, Miss Unkon top, American Apparel skirt, The Milk Thief belt.
Just recently it was a cold windy day. And what other way to spend a relaxing afternoon with friends, but to have our hair all tied up in knots and sea air! How? Well a few weeks ago, my friends and I decided to travel to Manly via Ferry to see Aria Award winners Boy and Bear, play a guerilla gig! As much as I was covered in goosebumps from the cold air to my hair becoming frizzy and dirty, it was all truly worth it to see a favourite Sydney Indie band of mine, come from winning five Aria's in 2011 to playing a free secret show in Manly, ironically going back to the roots of music. Nothing chills me out more, than to hear the incredible vocals of Dave Hosking. 
On top of the relaxing and scenic evening, we decided to make a quick dash to Copenhagen for a little dessert! Sadly, nothing excites me more than to personally drench my ice cream in chocolate sauce. YUMMEH!
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Photo 2,3 by Danielle Abbon
Photo 4,5 by Blake Jones

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