Saturday, March 24

Bargain hunter

Wearing: Dotti shoes, Zara blouse, Princess Polly shorts and necklace, thrifted bag.

It has almost been a fortnight since my last post, so good one Kat for the weekly updates. So firstly I apologise for the lateness, but I have been so busy with things lately. Just a quick update, I saw Taylor Swift live, finally at the sad age of 19 pushed myself to get my L's (YAY. Don't have to use my passport as ID anymore!), had Ramen served in a red heart shaped bowl and still managed to somehow go to work, college, internship and ballet and see most of my closest friends.
Funnily enough, even though my schedule seems to be screaming for breaks and days off I somehow accomplish to always go shopping and find incredible bargains. Would you have guessed that these chunky burgundy platforms were only $30 from Dotti? Yes, $30!! And they are extremely comfortable, easy to walk in and actually make me look a normal height! On top of this, my phenomenal red blouse is 100% silk which I snatched off the sale rack at Zara for only $50. Absolutely insanely cheap price for silk! I'm still amazed however, the top is a size large, but there's nothing wrong with oversized clothing!
I've decided to start blogging about my bargain finds as I'm sure we all agree with good quality cheap shopping, is always the best kind! On that note, next Saturday my best friend Louise at Louise Maree Vintage, and I will be setting up a stall at Glebe Markets. She will be selling her usual cheap vintage items at all $20 and under and I will be selling all my old clothing/accessories that I don't want but still love which sadly can't fit in my wardrobe anymore. So please come along and hang whether if it's just to say hi, or to share Gozleme and listen to The Beatles out of our dodgy sound system formally known as a Macbook... 
Anywho, would love to see all your wonderful faces at Glebe next saturday if you can make it. Otherwise, it would be great if you could like Louise Maree Vintage on Facebook and hopefully she will be setting up an Etsy account soon!

Photos by Lillian Chan

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  1. $30 really cheap for a comfortable platform shoe. I brought 4 platform shoes 2 weeks ago,they are black in color. They cost $1000!!! I don't know whether they r comfortable or not as I haven't brought them back home, too spacious home! The summer platform is the most that I love, would u like to see my scoring? I hang around Zara last Thru too, but couldn't find one that fit me !!!!