Tuesday, May 8


Jenny Kee
 The Innovators- Carlie Waterman
The Innovators - Cynthia Thai
Roopa Pemmaraju
Some awesome dude in a feather hat!

Day 4! My day began so bright and colourful as I drooled over Jenny Kee's artistic work. Known for her use of global influences, this was definitely not hard to depict seeing asian/african inspired pieces. I adored Jenny's use of unique prints, bright colours and silks and wools and of course the POM POMS!!
Next up, was The Innovators show which revealed the best design students from Tafe. High expectations were made for this show, and I was so gladly not disappointed! Carlie Waterman definitely stole the show for me, bringing the runway with neon themed digital prints. Digital prints are definitely the way to my heart and placing them on modernised suits and fitted women's clothing was definitely enough to leave my heart melting to my stomach, at the thought of not owning any of her designs. Cynthia Thai, also kept the neon theme going with neon flower detailing sewn on most garments. What I mostly loved, was that the flowers were placed so strategically well with nothing creating a floral overload!
Last show of the night was Roopa Pemmaraju who used prints inspired by Aboriginal art. The main garments that caught my eye were the flowing gowns with earthy prints. My favourite of all was the last white maxi dress with colourful triangle prints at the bottom of the dress. The way it flowed on the runway seemed almost angelic!

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