Wednesday, May 2

MBFWA Photo Diary Day 1

Rachel Rutt!
 Dylan Cooper

Firstly, sorry for the massive dump of photos! But Day 1 of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has definitely been the most busiest/incredible day yet filled with sleek street style, blistered feet, celebrities left, right and centre and of course way too many gift bags from each designer!
My morning started off with snapping street style and falling in love with the above black pumps with clear heels, then bolting (gracefully) from show to show.
Of course the wonderful Camilla was first with her courageous, colourful kaftans. Besides all the intricate colours, shapes, patterns and hair peices my favourite part of the whole show was seeing the flawless Rachel Rutt strutting down the runway. I could not even help myself but take awkward zoomed stalker shots of her. Why is she so perfect?! Oh and not to mention the little Camilla-ites repping her children's collection! You could just hear everyone in the audience say "aww!" Espescially, to the little boy running behind them! NAW!
Next was Project Runway's winner, Dylan Cooper with his scarf like digital prints. Unfortunately, I did not get many shots as we were running late and needed to dash to Miss Unkon! So I may be completely bias in saying this as I work for Miss Unkon, but their collection this year was absolutely breathtaking. With landscape digital prints, unique cut outs and soft pastels my mind was overwhelmed by the amount of things I wanted to instantly buy! After the show on my way to congratulate the inspiring creative director Courtney Meyer, I managed to sneak a few backstage shots of the model's hair and makeup and the pink haired artist behind the makeup, gorgeous Becca!
My last show of the night was Aurelio Costarella, who brought the night with strong statement pieces and chic, savvy designs. The floral hair pieces were bold and extravagant which topped the garments off and left me lusting for one of his avant-garde garments.

Daily MBFWA outfit posts will be coming soon!

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  1. Yay, I love Becca, what a cutie.
    These shots look great! What a fun day it must have been for you babe.
    That black Aurelio image is fucking gorgeous.