Wednesday, September 12

Wild Mulberry's

 Wild Thing hiding under a bunch of Mulberry balloons!
Squatting to fit into the photo... Someone give me one of these balloons for my birthday!
Hehehe... Wild Thing pillow looking at me! (I wanted to keep it so much!)
Emma Lung on the back right, getting her nails done at the Mulberry nail bar!

Last Thursday, it was Vogue's Fashion Night out Internationally and the one party that I did manage to make it to in Sydney, was Mulberry's! The cue outside the door was insane and carried on around the corner, and down through the hallway. Fortunately, I managed to do a quick cut in, allowing me just the right amount of time to grab a few shots! Unfortunately, I missed out on the awesome goodie bags which came with cardboard gold crowns like Max's! If you know me, you will be aware that I am obsessed with Where The Wild Things Are, which has just made me fall in love with Mulberry's new collection. However, I am mainly obsessing over the 'Del Rey' bag at the moment. Merely, because it's been named after Lana Del Rey and she is gorj! I have even linked a YouTube video of the making of the bag on my Facebook page. So if you are interested, head on down to my Kat Eyes page and like it and check out the making of the Del Rey bag. It is insane how the leather has been hand constructed into a beautiful piece of art!


  1. Looks like it was a fantastic event!
    Awwww, shame you missed out on the goodie bags :(
    Love the new Del Rey bag too, but I still prefer the classic ones

  2. those balloons look incredible!!! Looks like you had a great night in sydney.

  3. Omg, the wild things - i love it. The whole setup is amazing :D

  4. Cool!!
    Lots of kisses, its awesome!

  5. I love everything about the del rey bag, its just freakin gorgeous!

    Rianna xxx