Wednesday, April 24

Shakuhachi SS13/14

Thursday night of MBFWA, ended off with the incredible 'Cruise' collection by Shakuhachi. A burst of metallics, sequins, netting and florals, ultimately captured a futuristic clash underwater like theme. Instantly, I was in love with all the metallics, I mean that bomber jacket is just insane! If you follow me on Instagram @kateyess, you would've already seen a shot of this, and heard me rant about how much I want it! So so cool, and those silver socks and flatformed sandles and sneakers?! Ahmahgahhddd. Love so much! Definitely, can't wait for this collection to hit shop floors at the end of this year, in Spring/Summer! On top of all this exhilarating fashion explosion, I also managed to grab a few sneaky backstage shots! How gorj is Ruby Jean Wilson even when she's getting her make up done?!


  1. Such sick shots! The metallic pastels are so flawless. I'm still in awe with this collection.


  2. Lovely pictures and collection! I am in love with that sequins top, it's gorgeous.


  3. I love all the sequins and the metallics.

  4. Ah loved this collection! Frothing big time over those metallics