Monday, April 22

MBFWA Outfit 2

Wearing: The Milk Thief overalls and denim jacket, Michael Kors watch, Acne boots, Sporstgirl t-shirt, Topshop socks

I'm never really sure why people don't believe me, when I say I'm turning 21 this year... I mean look at this outfit, all adult like and mature and what not... (heh, yeah I look 12!). So this outfit was Day 4 of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, which was spent running from uni, then to a show, then back to uni and then back to watch Shakuhachi by 7pm! What a crazy crazy day that was! But luckily enough, I was dressed purely in comfort, in possibly the coolest threads ever! I managed to snag this double denim outfit from my friend's Etsy store called The Milk Thief which you should all DEFINITELY check out! Everything is major cheap, with plenty of quirky vintage finds, and sometimes you may be fortunate enough to find items with The Simpsons patches all over them (that she would've sewn on herself! I mean, total sick bitch right?!). You can also follow her updates on facebook here!


  1. You give me to confidence to wear denim on denim! How is it possible to be so perfect T_T

  2. (That was Andria I do not know how to do this blog thing)

  3. I love the lighting! It's amazing, and you know how much i love this outfit specially bart hahah

  4. rockin' look! such cool patches <3

    XO Sahra

  5. Haha your fashion week sounds semi stressful what with all the running around! And you ROCK that funny pair of overalls! God, that is such a flashback to my childhood, and I like how you even paired it with a Simpsons Jacket. Amazeballs.

    PS happy soon to be birthday!!!!

    xo Marlen
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  6. I love your outfit! Love how you bring your insider kid! I love your blog will definitly follow you!

    Carly's Closet

  7. Fucking sweet outfit girl. "Worst jacket ever" I cracked up. Inspires me to patch up!