Tuesday, June 5

Fashion Weekend

(Shopping. Doing what I do best...)
Oh my! The sales!
Louise Dwyer

Wearing: Blazer from some non-descript Asian store (which I'm certain I scored for $10!), Ladakh skirt via Princess Polly, Tree of Life top, Lovisa necklace, Ray-ban glasses

Recently, I was invited to attend the event Fashion Weekend, which was on at The Royal Hall of Industries, held by Shop Til You Drop. If you haven't been or heard of it yet, I recommend you check it out! This event is for those who adore shopping, love bargains, love being pampered and also enjoy the perks of being a guest at a Fashion show! What I specifically love about this event is the opportunity they give me to be able to afford high end labels. Designers ranging from Camilla and Marc to Ksubi to Shakuhachi where popular affordable brands such as Something Else, Ottomode and Motel still make an appearance. In the first picture above of the store 'Love Story', which involved a lovely old lady selling vintage clothes (mostly sourced internationally), I even saw items by Prada, Gucci and a bit of Josh Goot! (Aussie represent!... heh.) And my memory is a tad hazy, but I think I may have even had a glimpse of Chanel, where I definitely remember the owner donning a Chanel bomber jacket. (Whattahottie!) I actually have a photo of her looking incredible in vintage designer clothing, except they were a tad blurry so I decided not to add them!
Back to the event, I ended up leaving with a few goodies from Miss Unkon, Fleur Wood, Motel and Billion Dollar Babes with only spending about $50 which I was pleasantly surprised with. Patrick on the other hand left with nothing... (probably due to the lack on Men's clothing). Whereas Louise seemed to have made the most out of it by scoring two pairs of leather heels for $30 each. Which may I add, am incredibly jealous about as my size 5-6 feet seem to struggle to ever find discounted shoes! All in all, the bargains are great! 
Ps. I couldn't help but add photos of my lovely friends and their unique style. Loving the paisley on Patrick and the scarf print on Louise. If you hadn't noticed, we are a group of print lovers! Lastly, the girl at the bottom (which I terribly forgot the name of) is a girl I met at College who I absolutely think has the most adorable fashion sense. I couldn't help but say hi to her when I saw her working at the Bless'ed Are The Meek stall, doesn't she pull off the bralette and knee length skirt just so well?! 

Photos by Louise, Patrick and me. 


  1. Adore this post so much! One of the best! :) Totally love that i was including in it also, thankyou :) btw totally forgot the name of that last girl also.. i think we should just call her tinkerbell because of her pen and eclectic style :P

  2. nawwwww louiseee !!!
    love all the outfits you guys look awesome


  3. Love your outfit Kat! Dressed immac as per usual
    Its a shame we didn't run into you there xxx


  4. love it! mixes of patterns and colours are great xx


  5. Great photos!
    Wow looks like you had an amazing time
    Can't believe you managed to score heaps of goodies for such a decent price
    I'm super jelly hehe :)

  6. Hello fellow Aussie gf! Lovely blog you have here...great style and amazing hair! So jealous! Follow one another? Love Barbie xxx